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CP Technology was founded with the mission to design high-tech solutions for the infrastructure industrie.

A twenty-year know-how, in collaboration with centres of technological excellence.

CP TECHNOLOGY design special equipment for the construction of viaducts and bridges: with over 30 years of experience, CP TECHNOLOGY provides its customer with design and manufacturing of:

  • Overhead Launching Gantry
  • Underslung Movable Scafolding System
  • Cantilevers
  • Incremental Launching System
  • Beams’ Formworks
  • Gantry Cranes

CP TECHNOLOGY supports its customer in the Infrastructure Industries at all stages starting from the bidding process, to the detailed design and manufacturing of specific and customized equipment, hiring as well talented and knowledge technical staff.

The Formwork (or Equipment) hiring services, make CP TECHNOLOGY the ideal partner to lean on, all over the globe.

Unique expertise in the desing and built of customized special equipment, CP TECHNOLOGY offer as well a worldwide support network.

Highly qualified staff, able to use FEM and 3D software for the design of innovative, customized and patentable products.

Proficient cosultancy services able to communicate globally in:
meeting customer needs on 24/7 basis

CP TECHNOLOGY knows how to serve its customers:

  • optimization
  • flexibility
  • constructive rigor
  • specific quality of the project
  • extremely high performance
  • safety of equipment and on-time schedules

International Contractors found CP Technology as an essential partner in their production processes.

CP TECHNOLOGY the company devoted to the infrastructure industrie focused on people.

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