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The tunneling world is experiencing an exponential growth thanks to the displacement of infrastructures in the underground and a phase of technological revolution, which involves the prefabrication of segments in mechanized excavation.

In this context, the collaboration between CP Technology and Digitalnology gave birth to Robofactory: the segment factory with zero people. (ZPIP – Zero People in Precast)

A first version of a highly automated CP Technology plant, also based on the use of robots, has been in operation in the UK since 2019 for the construction of a long tunnel for a potassium mine. But it is in 2023 that, as a result of this JV, will see the light no less than 3 plants, which provide for a massive use of robotics for the benefit of a further reduction in personnel, which will decrease from 8 to 5. The robotic activities are the most operational and exhausting ones for the man: screwing, unscrewing, cleaning and greasing.

The systems are also designed to bring atmospheric emissions to zero and reduce assembly times and costs by 40%, also thinking about their future reuse thanks to technical solutions which simplify the connections.




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