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CP Technology designs and manufactures tunnel formwork for tunnel lining.

All customized solutions designed on Customer’s technical and production requirements.

For the customer: experience and flexible solutions

CP Technology, one of the only companies in the market with the capability to deliver a formwork all realized in-house, has been selected for his experience and his flexible solutions in order to supply the main tunnel sites:

  • Brenner Tunnel
  • San Gottardo Tunnel (Alp Transit)
  • High speed Milano – Genova
  • Hong Kong Metro
  • Singapore Metro
  • Copenhagen City Ring

Customized solutions for formwork’s design

CP Technology designs and manufactures self reacting formwork, self supporting formwork, full round formwork….

The hydraulic systems are designed according to the client’s specifications. The advantage of the customized design of both the steel building structure and the hydraulic system enables consistent time and cost savings

Safety is at the heart of the operating system. In particular, all the kinematics of the moving parts are highly developed and optimised. Within the working area, the operator can easily and safely move along platforms without the risks of falling or crushing.

CP provides reconditioning and geometric modification on its clients’ existing equipment thus saving additional down time and costs on the production cycle.

Furthermore CP offers formwork renting solution.

More than 300 projects all over the world

With 30 years of experience, more than 300 projects all over the world and a culture of innovation, CP Technology is one of the only companies in the market with the capability to deliver all in house designed equipment on time, on budget and with exacting attention to detail.

In conjunction with rigorous quality checking at every step of the process, this enables a new way to reduce production costs.

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